Life In Carly

When I first started buying LuLaRoe clothing, I mostly bought Cassie skirts, Classic T’s and, of course, leggings. The Julia dress was a little tight for me (hello curves!) and the Carly dress made me think I’d look like I was wearing a really pretty garbage bag.

One day, while watching a live sale, I noticed the Carly the lady doing the sale was wearing, was knotted in the back. It created this hourglass figure in the Carly that I didn’t know was possible.

I immediately took to Pinterest with the search “LuLaRoe Carly Ways to Wear” and holy-moly was it awesome. I bought my first Carly that day (from that live sale!) and when I got it, I spent about 45 minutes just knotting it in different place to create different styles.

Now, Carlys take up half my personal stash of LuLaRoe and I wear them pretty much every way possible. Sometimes, I belt them below my chest to create a sassy sophisticated ‘wear-to-work’ style. Sometimes, I knot them in the back to create a curve hugging- long in the back, short in the front- dress. Sometimes, I pull all the excess into a pretty knot in the front and wear it as a long shirt over a pair of jeans.

Recently, my favorite way to wear a Carly has been knotted in the front- over a swimsuit while I’m on the lake.

I write all of this to say, don’t be afraid of the Carly! It WILL look good on you and, if you’re lucky, it might create a long-lasting bond with LuLaRoe the way it did for me!

Happy Shopping!

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