Why LuLaRoe

Let me ask you a couple of questions?

Have you ever just felt so confident in your clothing that it just makes you smile?

Rarely, right? But it does occasionally happen! And it does feel so good!

Ok, how about, have you ever felt so comfortable in your dressed up/work clothes that you didn’t immediately want to change when you got home from work?

Literally, never, right?

Alright, last question, have you ever worked for a company that’s so family focused that they name every thing that make after family member? Or that they SEND OUT MEMOS reminding you to take time away from work to spend with your family?

Seriously- no! You might have a boss that cares about these things, but company- No. They typically just care about the green $$!


So that brings me to my “Why LuLaRoe”. I have never-ever felt as confident in my clothing choices as I do when I wear LuLaRoe. I feel hip, yet also dressed for my age. I feel like the styles are designed for my body type and not just a model! I feel like I look good… and people compliment me all the time! Now, I know, clothes aren’t everything, looks aren’t everything- but man it feels good to hear how great you look!

Additionally, I dress for comfort. Too tight, too short, too, well, everything I don’t like in clothing makes me feel insecure and also UNCOMFORTABLE. The best part of the LuLaRoe styles is that they feel like I’m wearing sweats and pajamas- but I look put together and ready for work! Hello, BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!

Finally, working for a company that cares about me and my family- as well as cares for their own family- is important to me. I want a company that’s understanding when I miss events because my dog looked sad this morning or because my husband didn’t feel good. They care about me and that matters. That’s a company I note only want to work for, that’s a company I want to support.

My goal with LuLaRoe is to make you feel confident, comfortable and cared about. All the things you deserve.

Please let me know if you ever have questions, comments or concerns and please enjoy the clothing as much as I do!

Thank you for supporting me and my family!

Happy Shopping!



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